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PLATFORM UPGRADES 2020 - overview

PLATFORM UPGRADES 2020 - overview

by Administrator Hamilton -
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We're delighted to announce the launching of the upgraded Hamilton House Platform 2020, which brings a number of improvements for teachers and students to make the teaching and learning experience better for all users. Here are the most significant features:

  • New announcer on the Dashboard page

    Check your announcer for the latest news or some useful tips to navigate the platform easier.

  • Course navigation menu pages

    Find everything you need from your course main menu page. New navigation buttons for announcements, groups and grades. A new course completion progress bar will be displayed to the students. The new activity completion checker will inform the students directly if he/she achieved the passing grade for the activity with green and red colors. Teachers can use the Report bugs buttons to send direct messages to the administrator.

  • New "groups" activity

    We reconstructed the group creation process for the courses. All the Classes fields have been removed from your profile page. The new groups activities can help you easily create or join groups. Teachers can create up to 8 groups in every course. Find more information about groups in our updated guide Enrollment and groups

  • Improvements in the messenger

    A new emoticons list button has been added to your messaging drawer. Now, all users have a "private space". Open messages and click on the starred messages, select your name and save a text, notes or links you can send to your students later

  • Online Practice tests

    New practice test activities can be found in your courses. The test activities can be completed only in groups under the instructions of a teacher who can share the access passwords. In the tests, we introduce the new writing activities where a student must submit an essay for their teachers. Writing activities are graded by the teachers and they are included in the progress tests. Practice Tests are available now for the English Download Courses. The other course categories will be updated soon with practice tests

  • Levels and Badges

    We're really excited about this new game feature in the Amazing English Courses. Students will be awarded experience points (xp) every time they complete a new exercise. The experience points help them level up and move to the top of their group's leaderboard (ladder). Furthermore, students with high average scores in the units will unlock "Amazing" badges for their profile pages. Read the instructions on your course page

  • Ultimate English Series

    Ultimate English is a new and innovative, multi-level course that takes teenagers and young adults from B1 to C2 level of the Common European Framework. Thanks to its rich, engaging content and forward-thinking approach, it motivates learners to achieve a high level of language competence while preparing them effectively for all established English language exams at each level. Ultimate English B1 is available now. Read more