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The Hamilton House Digital Platform is a multi-platform online learning environment for learners of English. Students log in to complete a wide variety of online activities, including reading, grammar, vocabulary, listening and writing practice. The online exercises complement Hamilton House course books to offer a blended learning solution, thus enhancing the learning experience.

New additions

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    New Ultimate Courses

    Ultimate English is an innovative, multi-level course that gives emphasis to 21st-century skills, such as critical thinking and co-operative learning while developing all language skills within a truly motivating context.
    Coming Soon

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    English Download Pre-A1

    10 theme-related Units, each containing carefully developed tasks designed to develop students' reading, writing and listening skills. Ideal for A class

    Coming Soon

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    Online Practice Tests

    New online practice examination activities for the students! You can find them on your course's main page.

    Available Now

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